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Opening Day Cugino’s - May 18,2004


Partners Dave Beckham, Dave Beckham Jr., Ben Goldkamp


While trying to decide on the right name for their new restaurant cousins David Beckham and Ben Goldkamp looked up cousins in an Italian dictionary and there it was, the perfect name, Cugino’s.  Not only are the partners cousins, many of the staff are also relatives, including: cousins, brothers, sisters and one mom. Of course we can’t leave out the man behind this whole thing, Dave Beckham, David’s dad and the namesake for one of our most popular pizzas, the Big Dave.


David and Ben come from a very large, unique and close family, with a long history in Florissant.

They grew up together in the same neighborhood, were classmates in grade school, an played sports together. They lived in the same houses that their dad’s grew up in.  Those houses happened to be on the same farm that their grandmothers were raised on. David was Ben’s best man at his wedding, and when buying their own homes it was only natural that they both bought in that same neighborhood.  What better place to put Cugino’s than in the same neighborhood that they have been a part of for so long. It is not only a great place to visit with some of the finest food in St. Louis, but the boys have made this place into a second home for the many relatives that come in daily and the many customers who feel like family to us.

1595 N US Highway 67

Florissant, MO 63031

(314) 831-3222

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